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Create URL File Uploads

To create a URL file upload, use the createUrlFileUpload mutation in graphql multipart request.

The following mutation uploads a List crawl type file to a test suite:

mutation CreateListURLFileUploadForTestSuite($file: Upload, $testSuiteId: ObjectID!) {
file: $file
input: { testSuiteId: $testSuiteId, crawlType: List }
) {
urlFileUpload {

Try in explorer

CURL request:

curl \
-H 'x-auth-token: <auth token>' \
-H 'Accept: */*, application/vnd.deepcrawl.meridian-preview' \
-F operations='{ "query": "mutation ($file: Upload) { createUrlFileUploadForTestSuite(file: $file, input: { crawlType: List, testSuiteId: \"{TEST_SUITE_ID}" }) { urlFileUpload { fileName } } }", "variables": { "file": null } }' \
-F map='{ "0": ["variables.file"] }' \
-F 0=@url-list-file.csv
  • The Upload scalar type represents a file upload. The crawlType, file and testSuiteId are the only required fields.
  • It may take a while to process a url file upload. The status field shows the current status of a url file upload.