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Sitemaps with >50,000 URLs

Sitemaps included in the crawl which contain more than 50,000 URLs.

Priority: Critical

Impact: Negative

What issues it may cause

Sitemaps may contain up to 50,000 URLs

, which means that all pages above this limit will be ignored.

How do you fix it

If your sitemaps contain more than 50K URLs you should consider splitting them into smaller Sitemaps with less than 50K URLs in each.

What is the positive impact

All the pages included in the Sitemaps can be discovered by search engines and process additional information about them such as when they were updated and/or if they have any alternate language version.

How to fetch the data for this report template

You will need to run a crawl for report template to generate report. When report has been generated and you have crawl id you can fetch data for the report using the following query:

query GetReportForCrawl($crawlId: ObjectID!, $reportTemplateCode: String!) {
getCrawl(id: $crawlId) {
input: {
reportTypeCodes: Basic
reportTemplateCodes: [$reportTemplateCode]
) {
rows {
nodes {
... on CrawlSitemaps {

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