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Azure DevOps Integration

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In order to integrate Lumar Protect with Azure DevOps, you need to use our Lumar Protect Azure DevOps extension:

This extension can be installed through Azure DevOps extensions, and it can be found under the name "Lumar Protect Tools".

It has the following tasks:

Run Lumar Protect Build Task (run-lumar-protect-build-task)

How to run

- task: run-lumar-protect-build-task@1
displayName: 'Lumar Protect'
userKeyId: '{USER_KEY_ID}' (string - generate new api key on deepcrawl core app)
userKeySecret: '{USER_KEY_SECRET}' (string - generate new api key on deepcrawl core app)
testSuiteId: '{TEST_SUITE_ID}' (string - use your created test suite id)
ciBuildId: '{CI_BUILD_ID}' (optional - string)
startOnly: false (optional - boolean - use it if you want to skip polling)

Unless startOnly is set to true, max polling time is set to 50 minutes. If the build takes longer than 50 minutes, it will automatically fail the pipeline.