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CLI Tools

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Deepcrawl Automate CLI Tools can be used to start Lumar Protect builds by executing the executables provided.

You can download the CLI Tools from the Releases Page, by browsing the Assets on the release marked as Latest Release.

Currently, we offer support for the following operating systems: Linux / Windows / MacOS.


List of parameters used when executing the CLI Tools:

--testSuiteId string     The test suite ID.
--userKeyId string The user key ID, which can also be provided as env variable DEEPCRAWL_TEST_USER_KEY_ID.
--userKeySecret string The user key secret, which can also be provided as env variable DEEPCRAWL_TEST_USER_KEY_SECRET.
--ciBuildId string (OPTIONAL) The corresponding build ID in your CI/CD pipeline.
--startOnly (OPTIONAL) Flags if should only start the build without waiting for it to finish.

-h, --help Prints the usage guide.

Note: DEEPCRAWL_TEST_USER_KEY_ID and DEEPCRAWL_TEST_USER_KEY_SECRET environment variables can be used, instead of providing them as arguments to the CLI Tool (--userKeyId / --userKeySecret)


./deepcrawl-test-linux --testSuiteId=TEST_SUTE_ID --userKeyId=USER_KEY_ID --userKeySecret=USER_KEY_SECRET


deepcrawl-test-win.exe --testSuiteId=TEST_SUTE_ID --userKeyId=USER_KEY_ID --userKeySecret=USER_KEY_SECRET


./deepcrawl-test-macos --testSuiteId=TEST_SUTE_ID --userKeyId=USER_KEY_ID --userKeySecret=USER_KEY_SECRET