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Github Integration

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In order to integrate with Github, you need to use our Github action in your Github workflow.

How to use

name: Lumar Protect Build

# Configure the trigger of your workflow
# on:
# pull_request:
# branches: ["main"]
# push:
# branches: ["main"]

runs-on: ubuntu-latest # we support all OSes (windows / linux / macos)
name: Lumar Protect Build
- name: Lumar Protect Build
id: automation-hub-build
uses: deepcrawl/deepcrawl-test-action@v1.0.0
testSuiteId: "" # Your Test Suite ID
userKeyId: "" # Your User Key ID
userKeySecret: "" # Your User Key Secret ID
startOnly: false # [Optional] This is set by default to optional and it flags if this is blocking