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NodeJS SDK Integration

Github Repository

Deepcrawl Automate SDK NodeJS Client can be used to start builds on Lumar Protect, by adding it as a dependency into your NodeJS project.


Configure npm for use with GitHub Packages by adding the following line to your ~/.npmrc file:



Add @deepcrawl/test-nodejs-sdk as a dependency:

Using NPM:

npm install @deepcrawl/test-nodejs-sdk

Using Yarn:

yarn add @deepcrawl/test-nodejs-sdk


Creating the client

const testSDKClient = TestSDKClient.create();

Running a build

await testSDKClient.runBuild({
userKeyId: "Your API User Key ID", // Required
userKeySecret: "Your API User Key Secret", // Required
testSuiteId: "Your Test Suite ID", // Required
ciBuildId: "Your CI Build Id", // Optional (Default: undefined), used for filtering, should reflect the build ID in your CI/CD pipeline
isStartOnly: false, // Optional (Defaut: false), used for flagging if a build should only be started, without waiting for finalisation