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Duplicate Title Sets

Sets of pages which share an identical title tag, excluding pages connected with reciprocal hreflangs.

Priority: High

Impact: Negative

What issues it may cause

If titles are the duplicated on multiple pages;

  • Search engines are more likely to generate the titles dynamically
  • Search engines are less likely to show multiple pages within the same set of search results
  • Search engines are more likely to consider the pages as duplicates

How do you fix it

The pages titles should be reviewed and customized for each page within the set to make them unique and more relevant to the page content.

What is the positive impact

  • Search engines are more likely to use the provided title.
  • Search engines are more likely to show multiple results from the same domain in a set of search results.
  • Search engines are less likely to deduplicate the pages, increasing the chances of the pages to appear in search results.

How to fetch the data for this report template

You will need to run a crawl for report template to generate report. When report has been generated and you have crawl id you can fetch data for the report using the following query:

query GetReportForCrawl($crawlId: ObjectID!, $reportTemplateCode: String!) {
getCrawl(id: $crawlId) {
input: {
reportTypeCodes: Basic
reportTemplateCodes: [$reportTemplateCode]
) {
rows {
nodes {
... on CrawlDuplicateUrls {

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